Conference Schedule-2021


Opening Session: 8:00 – 8:25 am

Welcome by Conference Director


Nirajan Paudel

Introductory Video-about NeSA



Welcome by NeSA President  

Sharad Mahatara

Welcome by NeSA Advisor  

Dr. Deepak Subedi


Dr. Christopher Brown,
 Office of Provost, Associate Professor, Co-Director Spatial Applications and Research Center,  and Faculty Fellow, Beyond Borders Community of Practice, New Mexico State University


Matthew Lara,
Associate Director, ISSS, New Mexico State University

Session I: Guest Talk Series
8:25 -12:00 pm

Session Chair: – Nirajan Paudel

Time Speakers    Title 
8:25-8:50 am

Guest Speaker: Dr Lujendra Ojha
Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Rutgers University


“Resource Scarcity in the Infinite Cosmos.”
8:50-9:15 am 

Guest Speaker: Dr. Marianne Karplus 
Department of Geological Science, University of Texas at El Paso


Earthquakes in the Himalaya
9:15-9:40 am 

Guest Speaker: Er Ram Raj Sharma, Senior hydropower Engineer, Multiconsult UK


Hydropower in Nepal: A Base for Sustainable Development 
9:40- 10:05 am 

Special Guest Speaker: Mahabir Pun ,
National Innovation Center, Nepal


Innovation for Economic Development
10:05-10:45 am 

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Surya Raj Acharya,
Infrastructure Policy Analyst 


Science and Technology: Way Towards Sustainability 
10:45-11:10 am 

Guest Speaker: Dr Shyam Kattel ,
Department of Physics, Florida A&M University, Florida


Strategies to Design Materials for Low-Carbon Footprint Production of Energy and Fuels
11:15-11:50 am

Chief Guest Speaker: Dr. Shambhu Ghimire 
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Standford University 


Combining Strength of Lasers and Semiconductors for the Future Technology


12:45- 1:10 pm

Guest Speaker: Dr. Menuka Karki
Harvard Medical School


Environmental Exposure, Epigenome and Cell Division: A perspective on Exposure to Kathmandu’s Air Pollution 

Session II: Break/ Poster Presentation 
12:00-12:45 pm 




Anushruti Sangami,
Department of Biology, New Mexico State University


Aminoquinolines Impede the Proliferation of Brain Cancer Cell Lines

Birendra Ale Maga,
Department of Physics, New Mexico State University


MnO2 Cathodes Modified with Bi, and Cu: A Great Promise for Electrical Energy Storage and Power Grid Applications.

Govinda Sapkota,
Department of Agricultural Economics, New Mexico State University


Effect of Branch Maturity on Nutritional Value of Jujube Fruit

Krishna Acharya,
Department of Physics, New Mexico State University


Ab Initio Study of the Effects of Strain and Doping on the Properties of LSMO/PZT Multiferroic Interfaces

Niraj Bhattarai,
The Catholic University of America


Study of transport characteristics of type-II Weyl semimetal MoTe2 thin films grown by chemical vapor deposition grown MoTe2 thin films

Pramod Acharya, 
Department of Plant and Environmental Science, New Mexico State University


Greenhouse gas emission in cover crop-forage system

Rajendra Paudel,
Department of Physics, Auburn University


Study of Perovskite and Spinel Complex Oxide Films and Nanocomposites Grown for Catalytic Behavior

Santosh Gaire
Department of Physics, The Catholic University of America


Unfolding of Histones Compacted-DNA by Single-Molecule Horizontal Magnetic Tweezers

Sharad Mahatara
Department of Physics, New Mexico State University


AFLOWπ: Calculations of the Elastic Constants

Srijana Dura
Department of Plant and Environmental Science, New Mexico State University


A Field Evaluation of Jalapeño and Non-jalapeño Chile Pepper Resistance to Phytophthora Blight Caused by Phytophthora Capsici


Session III: Oral Presentation
1:10-4:30 pm

Session Chair: – Yashoda Kandel and Pratima Bhandari


Presenters   Title
1:10-1:22 PM

Philip Lujan,
Plant and Environment Sciences, New Mexico State University


“Efficacy of Pecan Husk and Shell Phenolic Extracts against Phytophthora Blight in Chile Pepper.”
1:22-1:34 PM Nirajan Paudel, 
Department of Physics, New Mexico State University

“Influence of Defects and Surfaces on the Electrochemical Properties of MnO2 in Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries.”


1:34-1:46 PM

Jagadish Paudel,
Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies University of Texas at El Paso



“Rhetoric of the National Flag of Nepal.”
1:46-1:58 PM

Pratima Bhandari,
Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business, New Mexico State University



“Consumer’s Willingness to Purchase White Bread Fortified with Fiber from Chile Industry Byproducts.”
1:58-2:10 PM

Dr. Bhumi Bhusal
Department of Radiology, North Western University 



“Radio-frequency induced heating of elongated metallic implants during MRI.”
2:10-2:22 PM

Bhupendra Kumar Gurung,
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, New Mexico State University



“A cross-flow design of a tandem ion mobility spectrometer for the study of the thermal decomposition of the chloride and nitrate adducts of pentaerythritol tetranitrate in air at ambient pressure.”
2:22-2:34 PM

Dr. Suparna Chatterjee,
Department of Curriculum and Instruction New Mexico State University



“Enhancing Educational Technology: Supporting Student Success in Online Classes.”
2:34-2:46 PM

Bishwas L. Shrestha,
Department of Space Science, The University of Alabama in Huntsville 



“Strength of the Termination Shock Inferred from the Globally Distributed Energetic Neutral Atom Flux from IBEX.”
2:46-2:58 PM

Yashoda Kandel,
Department of Biology, New Mexico State University



“Long-Term Mosquito culture with SkitoSnack, an artificial blood meal replacement.”
2:58-3:10 PM

Gopal Tamang, 
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, New Mexico State University



“Sustaining Home Language for Super Minority Children in an English Dominant Social Setting.”
3:10-3:22 PM

Debadrita Pal,
Department of Biology, New Mexico State University



“Meiotic resumption induces changes in the mechanical properties of the oocyte cortex required for the establishment of the embryonic axis.”

Anish Adhikari,
Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences, University of Delaware



“Global gridded GDP products: A review of uncertainties and fitness-of-use.”
3:34-3:46 PM

Ashmita Pandey,
Department of Biology, New Mexico State University



“The Effects of Metformin on Fecundity and Immunity in Mosquitoes.”
3:46-3:58 PM

Suresh Thapa,
Department of physics, Auburn University


“Novel Complex Oxide Growth Technique: hybrid Molecular Beam Epitaxy.”
3:58-4:10 PM

Suman Shrestha,

UT Health Graduate School of Biochemical Sciences, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center


 “Recent Advancements in Radiation Dosimerty Methodologies Late Effects with Fucs on Cardiac Disease.”
4:10-4:22 PM

Gopal Khanal,

Department of National Park and Wild Life Conservation, Government of Nepal



“Relativr Influence of Wild Prey and Livestock Abundance Carnivore Caused Livestoke Predation.”

Rose Vidal,
Anthropology Department, New Mexico State University



“Cross-cultural Adaptation in a U.S. University: The Experiences and Practices of International Students at New Mexico State University.”
4:22 pm – 4:25 pm

 Video clip :-  about Nepal and Nepali Culture 



Closing Session 

Closing Remark  & Best Presentation Award Announcement 

Dr. Ram N Acharya/ Dr. Madhav Regmi
NeSA Advisor