Posters 2023


SN Authors Title Poster
1 Prakash Timsina, Thomas Hearn, and James Ni “Regional Stress Variations in Southeast Asia.” Full Poster Click Here
2 Dikshya Sapkota, Dapeng Zhang, Lyndel Meinhardt, and Shengrui Yao “Jujube Germplasm in New Mexico and the Southwestern corner of Texas.” Full Poster Click Here
3 Emaz Arshad, Connie Maxwell, Kaustuv Neupane,  Noel Prandoni, Alexander Fernald, James Phillip King “Quantifying the Effects of Watershed Restoration as a Flood Mitigation Approach” Full Poster Click Here
4 Nirajan Paudel, Birendra Ale Magar, Igor Vasiliev “Ab Initio Studies of the Surface Properties of ZnO Anode Material in Rechargeable
Zn/MnO2 Batteries.”
Full Poster Click Here
5 Parajuli Apshara, Regmi Madhav, Upadhyaya Elisha, Maharjan Archana, Lamsal Mahesh, Nepal Roshan, Dhungana Guna Raj, and Malla Rajani Characterization, whole genome analysis and application of bacteriophages to control biofilm produced by carbapenem-resistant bacteria prioritized by the World Health Organization (WHO)” Full Poster Click Here
6 Bhimsen Shrestha, Blair Stringam, Murali Darapuneni, Kevin Lombard, Koffi Djaman Effects of irrigation and nitrogen management on potato (S. tuberosum L.) growth, yield and water use efficiency.”  Full Poster Click Here
7 Abid Nazir, New Mexico State University. Assessing the accuracy of GEDI aboveground biomass density data in Pakistan.” Full Poster Click Here
8 Dabit Bista,Sushil Sapkota, Ram Acharya, Pramod Acharya, and Rajan Ghimire Carbon footprint of cover cropping in a semi-arid irrigated agriculture.” Full Poster Click Here
9 Anjali Karki, Jennifer Price, Jeffrey M. Attardo, Immo A. Hansen Ash-infused water as an oviposition attractant for mosquitoes. Full Poster Click Here
10 Sushil C. Sapkota, Ram N. Acharya, Derek Whitelock, Carlos Armijo Cost analysis of cotton ginning technologies: a stochastic cost frontier approach.” Full Poster Click Here
11 Prakriti Bista, Melannie Hartman, Stephen J. DelGrosso, Vesh R. Thapa, and Rajan Ghimire “Simulating Net Greenhouse Gas Balance under Cover Cropping in Semi-Arid Regions using DayCent model” Full Poster Click Here
12 Elham Sabri, New Mexico State University. Distance” Full Poster Click Here