Opening Session: 8:00 – 8:30 am

Welcome by Conference Director

Sharad Mahatara

Introductory Video-about NeSA

Welcome by NeSA President Krishna Acharya
Welcome by NeSA Advisor Dr. Deepak Subedi
Remarks Dr. Dorothy Campbell, NMSU interim provost, 
Remarks Matthew Lara, Associate Director, ISSS, New Mexico State University
Remarks  Dr. Luis Cifuentes, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice President for Research

Session I: Guest Talk Series 8:30 -12:00 pm

Moderator: – Sharad Mahatara




  Dr. Deshraj Sonyok, NeSA First Conference (2009) Director


8:35-9:00 am

  Guest speaker: Dr. Basant Giri, Senior Scientist, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Science, Title: ‘Changing Research and Innovation Initiatives in Nepal’.


9:00-9:25 am

Guest speaker: Dr. Tara Sigdel, Associate professor, Surgery, University of California San Francisco, Title: ‘Research and Innovation in Nepal’s Higher Education- an Elusive but Critical Component in Post-COVID Era’.


9:25- 9:50 am

Guest speaker: Dr. Elina Adhikari, Breeding Analytics Lead, Rice Tec, Inc. Title: ‘Global food production under climate change: Role of crop genetics and genomics’.


9:50-10:15 am

Guest speaker: Dr. Rishi Sapkota, Senior Chemist I, Adesis Inc. (NeSA Alumni) Title: ‘A Journey from Medicinal, Catalysis to OLED Chemist’.


10:15-10:40 am

Guest speaker: Dr. Sangeet Lamichhaney, Assistant Professor, Kent State University, Title: ‘Study of organismal adaptation through the lens of modern genomics’.


11:40-11:10 am

Guest speaker: Dr. Anna Stirr, Associate Professor and Director, Center for South Asian Studies University of Hawai‘i Mānoa, Title: ‘The intimate politics of Lok Dohori’.


11:10 – 11:45 am Keynote speaker: Dr. Shabnam Koirala-Azad, Dean, School of Education, University of San Francisco, Title: ‘Advancing Science for the Greater Good’.


Session II:Poster Presentation 12:00-1:00 pm

Moderator: – Mahesh Lamsal

Presenters Name

Title ( Click Title for abstract)

(Click HERE for two minute poster presentation video)


Santosh Gaire,

The Catholic University of America

Single-molecule Characterization of the Elastic Response of DNA and DNA-histone Complexes Using Horizontal Magnetic Tweezers

Santosh Gaire

Srijana Dura,

New Mexico State University

Comparison of jalapeños performance against Phytophthora blight caused by P. capsici under greenhouse and field conditions

Srijana Dura

Yashoda Kandel,

New Mexico State University

Phosphoproteomics profiling of Malpighian Tubules during blood
meal processing reveals dramatic transition in function in aedes


Nirajan Paudel,

New Mexico State University

Ab inito Studies of the Surface Properties of ZnO Anode Material
in Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries

Nirajan Paudel

Dikshya Sapkota,

New Mexico State University

Ecofriendly Management of Insect Pests of Cauliflower (Brassica
oleracea var. botrytis) Var. Madhuri in Kapurkot, Salyan

Dikshya Sapkota

Dabit Bista,

New Mexico State University

Effect of Foliar Application of Growth Regulators on Growth and
Yield of Onion (Allium cepa)

Dabit Bista

Pramod Acharya,

New Mexico State University 

Carbon Sequestration and greenhouse gas balance in irrigated
cover crop-forage rotation (N/A)

Pramod Acharya

Prakash Timsina,

ICTP & New Mexico State University

Investigation of Blind Sources Separation Techniques for GPS

 Prakash Timsina

Session III: Oral Presentation
1:00-4:00 pm

Moderator: – Sushil Sapkota & Binisha Marahatta

Time Speakers Abstracts
1:00-1:12 PM

Dr. Swotantra Gautam, BP Koirala Institute of Health Science, Dharan, Title: ‘Clinical Profile and Outcome of patients of Heart Failure with and without Chronic Kidney Disease: A Cohort Study from Eastern Nepal.’

Swotantra Gautam
1:12-1:24 PM

Pratik Chhetri, University of California, Berkeley, USA and ALIN (Authentic Leadership Institute Nepal), Title: ALIN Solutions Fellowship: A Comprehensive Model to Engage and Empower LMIC Youths in Meaningful Nation-building Projects

Pratik Chhetri
1:24-1:36 PM

Dr. Huta R. Banjade, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, Title: ‘Structure motif-centric learning framework for inorganic crystalline systems’

Dr. Huta R. Banjade
1:36-1:48 PM

Ezra Huscher, New Mexico State University Title: Exploring the early Universe with computer simulations

Ezra Huscher
1:48-2:00 PM

Dr. Keshab R. Dahal, Truman State University, Title: ‘Effect of News Sentiment on Stock Price: A Deep Neural Network and Statistical Analysis’.

Keshab R. Dahal
2:00-2:12 PM

Alexander Wilson, New Mexico State University, Title: Beyond Profit: Adoption and Diffusion Drivers of Conservation Practices in New Mexican Farmers and Ranchers

Alexander Wilson
2:12-2:24 PM

Akash Bajgain, New Mexico State University, Title: ‘Terminating mustard cover crop in mid-March reduces risks from beet leafhoppers and potentially suppresses weeds in April-seeded chile pepper.’

Akash Bajagain
2:24-2:36 PM

Raj K. Baral, University of Texas at El Paso, Title: ‘Social Media Sites as Platforms for Human Good’.

Raj Kumar Baral
2:36-2:48 PM

Dipak Mahatara, University of Quebec, Canada, Title: ‘Maxent Modelling for Habitat Suitability of Vulnerable Tree Dalbergia latifolia in Nepal’.

Dipak Mahatara
2:48-3:00 PM

Dr. Debadrita Pal, Syracuse University, Title: ‘Role of Rab11 and Rab8 during morphogenesis of the left-right organizer’.

Dr. Debadrita Pal
3:00-3:12 PM

Kaustuv R. Neupane, New Mexico State University, Title: ‘Drawing insights from the piloting of climate adaptive urban water supply management in the Himalayan cities of Nepal’

Kaustuv Raj Neupane

Dr. Pradeep Adhikari, Hankyong National University, South Korea. Title: Climate Change-Induced Invasion Risk of Ecosystem Disturbing Alien Plant Species: Comparative Analyses of Five Species Distribution Models

Dr. Pradeep Adhikari
3:24-3:36 PM

Philip Lujan, New Mexico State University, Title: ‘Comparative performances of phenolic extract derived from pecan shell and husk and commercially available synthetic fungicides, biofungicides and host plant defense inducers against Phytophthora capsici on chile pepper.’

Phillip Lujan

Closing Session (3:45 – 4:00 pm)

Moderator: Yumi Maharjan

Remarks Dr. Madhav Regmi, NeSA advisor
Online Raffle Yumi Maharjan
Best Presentation Award Dr. Bhupendra K. Gurung & Dr. Saroj Dhital
Closing Remarks Dr. Ram N Acharya, NeSA advisor